Nursery & Preschoolers

From 3 to 6 years old


Children who are still toddlers often begin being active readers. When a 3-year-old picks up a familiar book and retells a story in an expressive voice, she is reading. When a 4-year old talks through a brand-new book creating a new story, complete with literary terms like, “Once upon a time,” or “The end,” he is reading. They are both accomplishing what more experienced readers and writers do: they are living into the story, and using some of the general mechanics that go along with reading, such as turning pages, holding the book right side up, and using the terms that go along with a book experience. You’ll see quite a bit of overlap in the lists in this category, so feel free to keep browsing the book recommendations for older –or younger—readers.

Book Lists

Building Your Classic Library

Alphabet Books

Many Languages, Many Alphabets

Counting Books

More Math Picture Books

Going to Kindergarten

Picture Books about Museums

Comics and Graphic Novels for Early Readers

My First Hanukkah Books

Ballet Books for Tiny Dancers

Sweet Monsters

Library Love

Trucks, Trucks, Trucks

Introducing Map Books

Books for Caped Crusaders

Precocious Princesses

Pirate Books for Little Mateys

Baby Love


Multicultural Picture Books

Introducing Jazz for Young “Hip Cats”

Cowgirls, Cowboys, and Cowcookies. . .

Series Recommendations for Early Readers

New to School

Author! Author! Great Picture Books About Being a Writer

Halloween Fun

Twice as Nice or Double the Trouble?  Early Childhood Books for Twins

Musicians When They Were Children

Feisty Girls in Early Reader Chapter Books

Mischievous Boys

Invitation to Imagination:  Fairy Gardens

Celebrating the Silent Movies in Children’s Literature

More New Fall Picture Books

New Winners for the Preschool Set

A Children’s Literature Love Song for Knitting Nerds

New Spring Picture Books for Young Readers

A Trio of Summer Board Books

A Trio of Books to Celebrate Sloths

New Books Celebrating the Moon for Young Children

New Classics for Young Readers

New Picture Books That Celebrate Snow

Get Interactive

Get Ready to Celebrate Chocolate Cake Day, January 27th


GROOVY JOE:  ICE CREAM AND DINOSAURS  by Eric Litwin, illustrated by Tom Lichtenheld

And the Winner is. . .VIVA FRIDA!

Have a Party With Your Bear Day is November 16th

Downton Abbey for Children’s Literature Fans

Fairy Gardens II:  Backyard Adventures

Put Me in the Story:  My Name is Not. . .

Picture Books for Writers

Back to School Books

May 19th is Circus Day

Everyday Math

Otto the Book Bear:  A Review

What We’re Reading:  Some Terrific Bilingual Picture Books

April 4th-Tater Day

Beautiful Yetta, The Yiddish Chicken:  A Passover Picture Book

Creativity in Action

National Fairy Tale Day

I Spy. . .Literacy!

Creative Fun – Images and Designs, Cookie Cutters and Coloring Pages

A New Love and Lens for the Zoo

Being in the Book:  THE SNOWY DAY

Countdown to Halloween

Related Posts


TRIANGLE by Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen


BABY LOVES QUARKS! New Board Book for the Littlest Scientist


COYOTE MOON by Maria Gianferrari, illustrated by Bagram Ibatouline

Perfect Book to Celebrate Penguin Awareness Day:  PENGUIN PROBLEMS

British Children’s Literature for Children: Two Treats to Share


WE FOUND A HAT  by Jon Klassen:  Book 3 in the hat series

Poetry for the Whole Family:  SAIL AWAY by Langston Hughes, illustrated by Ashley Bryan

FIREBIRD by Misty Copeland:  A Review and Recommendation


This Moose Belongs to Me by Oliver Jeffers

April 30th is Save the Frogs Day

Max the Brave

Who Done it?

Sloths:  A Trio of Books to Delight Young Readers

July! Time for More Ice Cream and Hot Dogs

New Interactive Books for Young Readers

Mustache Fever–in Picture Books

The Princess in Black

Winter is Coming

Enzo Races in the Rain!

For Your Growing Alphabet Bookshelf:  Once Upon an Alphabet

National Hat Day

The Pigeon Needs a Bath

Nino Wrestles the World:  A Review

What Happened to PETE THE CAT books?

Edgar Gets Ready for Bed

Aliens!  New Children’s Literature for UFO Lovers

New Books Make Great Holiday Gifts:  Picture Book Edition

More Mo!:  Behind the Scenes with Mo Willems (Plus:  I’m a Frog!)

Aliens! New Children’s Literature for UFO Lovers


Pete the Cat at the Beach

Library Mouse:  A Museum Adventure

Celebrating Creativity in New Picture Books

The Perfect Flower Girl:  A Review

The Sky of Afghanistan:  A Review

This is Not My Hat!:  Review

A Trio of New Picture Books Celebrating Winter

New Winter Holiday Nooks! We Recommend. . .

My Hands Sing the Blues

Mo Willems:  My Hero!

Revisiting the Night Sky:  Featuring Picture Books!

One Good Book About Golf

Internaltional Children’s Book Day, April 2nd

The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes:  An Easter Book!

Twins in School-Online Resources

Who are we reading now?  Roald Dahl

Book Review:  Isabella:  Girl on the Go

How Many Donkeys:  A New Arabic Counting Tale

Cool Cats Head to School

Children Around the World

The Return of Favorite Characters

Speaking Some Dead Languages

My Name is Not Alexander

Books:  Eat or Be Eaten


What’s in a Name?

My Name is Not Isabella:  Book Review

More Ken Nesbitt with MORE BEARS

A Taste of Home

National Train Day!

For the Easter Basket. . .

A Non-traditional Passover

Dump and Stir

Two New Books for Spring

Inscribe It

Supercapes for Superheroes

Counting on Kids

Two New Books by Rachel Isadora

I Hate TV. . .But YouTube is Another Story

A Special Reading Place

First the Egg

On Flamingos and Other Obsessions

Ministry of Funny Voices

Book Pairings:  One for You and One for Me

Holiday Shopping for Book Lovers

Eat, Read, and Be Merry!

Family Traditions:  Don’t Forget the Books!

A Few of Our Favorite Things: Kids Books 2009

Celebrating The Snowy Day

Celebrating Spoken Soul in Picture Books

A Pipkin of Pepper (What We’re Reading Right Now)

ABC Update

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