A Pipkin of Pepper (What We’re Reading Now)

-posted by Meghan

Every once and a while, I want to share a book we’re currently passionate about at our house.  It doesn’t necessarily fit on a list, it’s not related to a specific occasion, and I don’t have a teaching moment or creative idea as a companion. We have just discovered a book that the twins (who just turned 3!!!) are totally obsessed with, and since I love this one too, I thought someone else might enjoy it.

A Pipkin of Pepper by Helen Cooper.

It’s a follow up to Pumpkin Soup, but Pepper was the book that one of the kids found lying on a table at the library and snuck into our checkout bag.  So we discovered it first and love it more.  It’s a story about a squirrel, a cat and a duck that make the best pumpkin soup ever, but this time, they’re short a pipkin of salt, and have to journey to the city to go shopping.  Once there, duck gets lost, but also gets a great idea- what about adding a pipkin of pepper?

What the kids love about this book is the beautiful, funny and intricate illustrations.  They’re continually discovering something new on each page, each time we read it (and we’ve read it A LOT!)  What I like is the language, which isn’t afraid of throwing in words like pipkin and tizzy.  When Jacob asked me to read it the other day, he didn’t call it “Pipkin” like he usually does.  He said, “Mommy, read the book where duck is in a terrible tizzy!”  After I finished laughing, we talked about what “tizzy” was, and if he ever felt like he was in a tizzy.  So in addition to a favorite new book, we all have a favorite new word- and for three year olds, any expansion of vocabulary words that help them describe how they’re feeling is fantastic, as their moods vary faster than the weather in New England and is confusing enough to send a poor Mom in a terrible tizzy!


2 Responses to A Pipkin of Pepper (What We’re Reading Now)

  1. famillejt says:

    oh yes oh yes – Pumpkin soup and a pipkin of peper are such lovely books aren’t they. And do you know “Delicious!” – the third book with the same characters? And I’d certainly recommend the audio book of Pumpkin Soup – my kids love it, and it’s one I enjoy too.

  2. rosefamily says:

    I haven’t seen Delicious in person yet- our library doesn’t have it, and I have yet to just give in and purchase it. But if you endorse that one too, I think I’ll have to break down and order it- and the audio of Pumpkin Soup. We love audio books at naptime and are always looking for more good ones. Thanks for the tip!

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