There’s a New Dory Fantasmagory Out!

Dory Fantasmagory:  Head in the Clouds by Abby Hanlon

Dory is back with new adventures, and the heart of the story is her excitement, imagination, and down-right Dory-ness as she has her first tooth and explores the whole notion of the Tooth Fairy.  Imagine, if you will, that the nefarious Mrs. Gobble Cracker becomes jealous and wants all Dory’s attention to herself.  All our favorites return:  Rosy, Dory’s school buddy, of course, Dory’s long-suffering brother and sister, and all the crazy beings from Dory’s imagination.  The silliness and hilarity bursts from every page, as Dory plots to save the Tooth Fairy’s job, save children all over the world–and still get a dollar for her own tooth.  We just bought this for our friend Vivian’s sixth birthday and can’t wait to share it with her.  I imagine it will be like the last book in the series, where we read the last page and Vivi immediately begged, “Read it again!”

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