National Hat Day, January 15th

~posted by Ruth

HatJanuary is a perfect month to celebrate hats.  Here in Portland, it’s chilly enough to choose a warm one, like the special ones Aunt Lisa crocheted for Molly and Jacob that they have been wearing daily during their visit.  But if you live in a warmer climate, you can still enjoy National Hat Day this January 15th.  Try a sunhat, a bonnet, a beret–or a Lego hat!  The only limit is your imagination.  If you’re looking for books to spark ideas (and who isn’t!?), here are a few brand new picture books honoring the sweet world of hats.

Mystery-HatThe Mystery Hat by Rune Brandt Bennicke, illustrated by Jakob Hjort Jensen

Whose red hat is that sitting in the middle of the puddle?  Crow Pig, and Beaver ponder this question as they come across this fine hat as they are out for a stroll through the woods. Together they imagine who might have lost the hat, and in what circumstances.  Maybe Bear lost it when he fell into a giant hole. What if a crazed snowman snatched up Turtle to make into a savory soup?  This funny and charming story is illustrated fantastically.  If this author/illustrator Danish duo is new to you, you’ll be glad to make their acquaintance.


HoorayHooray for Hat by Brian Won

Who better to celebrate a fabulous hat with than your friends?  Especially if you and your pals are having a rather grumpy day, a hat is a terrific solution to cheer everyone up!  Elephant starts the parade when he finds a surprise hat on his front door–and marches off to brighten all his friends’ day.  Elephant has a day that begins with “Go away!  I’m Grumpy!” and ends with “Hooray for Hats!”  A real mood brightener that shows how contagious happiness can be.


BrimsebyBrimsby’s Hats by Andrew Prahin

Friendship, creativity, and of course, hats. . .What better themes for National Hat Day?  Brimsby is a cheerful hatmaker, that is until his best friend seeks adventure at sea.  He finds new friends in the nest of  busy little birds, creating special hand-crafted hats for each individual nest.  Truly a charming book about the nature of  loss of friendship when a loved one moves away–and the pleasures of making new friends while remembering old ones.


A love of picture books that focus on hats is not new to us.  Check out some of our earlier posts!

This is Not My Hat  by Jon Klassen (and its partner book by the same author:  I Want My Hat Back )


Magritte’s Marvelous Hat by D. B. Johnson


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