Books for Caped Crusaders

Super heroes are popular characters, whether you are a grandmother remembering Mighty Mouse, or a Sesame Street alum with fond recollections of Super Grover. Today’s littlest book lovers have a handful of great young heroes and heroines who try out their super powers, real or imagined. Treat your young caped crusaders to the adventures of Ladybug Girl or Mighty Max. The following books are a terrific inspiration for creative play. (And you can Get Interactive with Supercapes for Superheroes.)


Ladybug-GirlLadybug Girl and Bumblebee Boy by David Soman (Author and Illustrator),and Jacky Davis (Author)

Ladybug Girl takes on the world of the playground, where she enlists the help of Bumblebee Boy; in this familiar world, they zoom all around looking to help anyone in trouble from Scary Monsters to Mean Robots. Known to their parents as Lulu and Sam, these two superheroes fly through the sky (as they swing higher and higher), save Lulu’s dog Bingo, and even take on a Giant Snake! “Nothing can stop us!” they cry—a wonderful slogan for today’s young superheroes. The artwork is really fun, and the story is charming for adults as well as kids. This sequel is even better than the original Ladybug Girl, (which we also love).


Might-MaxMighty Max by Harriet Ziefert, illustrtated by Elliot Kreloff’
Max loves playing hero, worrying his parents that he might hurt himself with his daredevil adventures as Evel Kneivel, Superman, and even King Kong. On a day at the beach, he decides to become his own superhero and save the day as Mighty Max. Max’s adventures in his imaginary world are captured perfectly in the child-like and whimsical crayon illustrations.

Superhero-ABCSuperhero ABC, by Bob McLeod
What could be better than meeting 26 superheroes, from AstroMan to The Zinger!? While this book has the bright look and feel of comic books, it has the wonderful illustrations and the playfulness with language you expect in a quality picture book. It has the added attraction of playing with letters and sounds, with heroes like Upsidedown Man, who wears his Uniform Under his Underwear, or Ms. Incredible, whose superpowers allow her to become Invisible in an Instant. We are fond of Laughing Lass and the Volcano (who Vomits on Villains). Silly, creative, and fun for the whole family.


TimothyTimothy and the Strong Pajamas by Viviane Schwarz

Timothy really wants to be strong—and he’ll do whatever it takes, liking drinking milk, exercising, and thinking strong thoughts. When his mother fixes his favorite pajamas, he magically has the super-strength he needs—and uses his powers for good, with the help of his trusty stuffed monkey. In the course of his adventures, he loses—and regains– his super-powers. Timothy is a wonderful super-hero, dedicated to helping his friends.


MaxMax by Bob Graham
Max comes from a whole family of superheros, His parents, Captain Lightening and Madam Thunderbolt, provide everything he needs to fly: a cape, a mask, and lots of support and encouragement. But Max prefers to walk on the ground, thank you very much, to the bafflement of his family and the taunts of his classmates. In the course of the book, Max emerges as a “small hero doing quiet deeds.” The cartoon pictures really add to the story and make it fun to share with young superheroes. It’s a good readaloud, too.



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