EdgarEdgar Gets Ready for Bed by Jennifer Adams, illustrated by Ron Stucki

At last!  Baby’s first Poe.  Edgar the Raven is a charming addition to Jennifer Adam’s BabyLit FirstSteps series.  You might think this would be a difficult translation from adult classic to junior version, but not in Adams’ capable and witty hands.  Edgar is, in fact, a lot like a toddler you may know:  clean-up, bath time, dinner, and especially bedtime are met with one word:  Nevermore!  This mischievous little bird will just not behave–but he’s still pretty adorable, and there’s something about a bedtime story that works magic.  (We also read on Jennifer Adams’ webpage that she’s always had a special fondness for ravens–and even had one as a pet when she was a little girl.  You guessed it–she named him Edgar!)


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