BABY LOVES QUARKS!: New Board Book for the Littlest Scientist

quarksBaby Loves Quarks! by Ruth Spiro, illustrated by Irene Chan

Looking for a perfect board book for your favorite little one?  Search no more!  Board books are great for the youngest babies to slobber over and chew on as they develop fond memories of books and being held.  Why not add a love of science to the earliest memories?  And Baby Loves Quarks! can accompany your toddler as she progresses to pre-school–and even  when he starts  kindergarten.  Told in simple but factual text, this gem of a book introduces the concept of quarks in terms that, well, even a baby can understand.    “Baby likes to build with blocks. Nature builds with Quarks.” So begins this board book introduction to the subatomic world. The science is described in the simplest of terms, with bright compelling illustrations and a hint of humor.  One 18-month old we know is absolutely obsessed with the book.  It turn out Baby does love quarks.  And if this one is a hit for your family or friends, you’ll also want:  Baby Loves Aerospace Engineering!  (Here’s a tip:  these books make wonderful gifts for baby showers.)


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