Poetry for the Whole Family: SAIL AWAY by Langston Hughes, illustrated by Ashley Bryan

LangstonThis fall, what about an  intriguing, beautiful, and eloquent coffee table book that the whole family can immerse themselves in?

You can’t beat the team of Langston Hughes and Ashley Bryan. . .

Sail-awaySail Away by Langston Hughes, illustrated by Ashley Bryan

Langston Hughes, a favorite poet not just to me and my teacher friends, but to  young and older children as well as high schoolers I’ve met and taught.  This collection is special not only for the delicious verses, but the theme of the sea.  Illustrator Ashley Bryan, award-winning artist and illustrator himself, shares a passion for the ocean. (He lives in Islesford, one of the Cranberry Isles off the coast of Maine–and is still going strong at the age of 92!)  The beautiful odes to the sea are rich in imagery and lyrical language.  And the illustrations are bright and captivating abstract collage.  A book that can serve ashleyas a wonderful conversation starter–as well as one to savor and contemplate alone.



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