We are all going through changes every day, and here at Litforkids, we find ourselves coping in different ways.  In the next few weeks, we hope to share some ways to implement new reading-at-home routines with your families, as well as sharing strategies, and book suggestions.  We’ll try to aim for interactive ideas as well.  Clearly, one way is to find the opportunity to look back on favorite books and activities and peer ahead into unknown possibilities. We have some initial plans, which may change, because. . .well, everything around us is changing daily!  We hope to post ideas for themes that include interacting with virtual websites paired with book suggestions.  For example, we have posted a Mo Willems update, with his new daily lunchtime art lessons. We envision meeting the needs of the whole family through reading a range of books, updating our Book Flights and Book Pairings:  Something for Everyone.  As always, there are terrific books to indulge in. And there are many that will rile you up and get you involved, too! You’ll want to check out SUPERMAN:  DAWNBREAKER by MATT DE LA PEÑA, as well as the scores of middle grade graphic novels. There  seem to more new books published daily, from board books for toddlers  to YA thrillers. And we have so many good reads to recommend!  In the weeks to come, we have books for the whole family, from perfect read-alouds for toddlers, kinders, and early readers  (like the new BAD GUYS) all the way to suggestions for parents, tweens, and YA fans.  We’ll share some great reads, mostly brand new ones:  tween graphic novels, lovely and enticing picture books, and a great book for parents. We continue our excitement about the many new YA books recently released: we think you’ll be intrigued by the new Holly Black novel.  Some surprises are in store; more fantastic new books are hitting the shelves every day.  We are loving some of the new books for infants and toddlers.  We promise to keep  you informed!  Hope you’ll also share your finds with us, too.   Happy Reading!


This Week: Mo Willems: LunchDoodles


Wait!  What is Lit for Kids, anyway?  We’re a website dedicated to kids, books, families and a LOVE of reading.  Want to know more about what we believe and who we are?  You can learn all about it, here!

12 Responses to NEW!

  1. imnotreallyawriter says:

    I love, love, love your site! I am on my way to the library now with a list of books you’ve recommended to check out. Thank you!

  2. Meghan says:

    You made my day! Thank you! If there are ever any special book types or ages you’re interested in, let us know… we’re always happy to have an excuse to explore a new subject or idea.

  3. imnotreallyawriter says:

    I have a four year old girl who loves books, so if there is a subject she’s burning to know more about I will make a request. 🙂 Thank you!

  4. marydventura says:

    Yeah! Don’t forget Free Comic Book Day!!! This Saturday, May 7th!

  5. rosefamily says:

    I know! This is the firs year I’m taking the kids… I can’t wait.

  6. mariandog says:

    Ha, that is so cute picture, little mouse 😀

  7. Jane Watson says:

    What are suggested book titles to read as an introduction to a Parent Workshop ELA K – 2 and Grades 3 – 5. Something to get parents motivated about sharing books with their child.

  8. ruthlit says:

    I would suggest the above link to share with parents, or some of the lists from within it. They could choose from classic read-aluds to “read by myself” books. Let me know what you decide! I’d love to hear how your workshop goes!

  9. Samara Orosz says:

    WOW You made my day! Thank you! If there are ever any special book types or ages you’re interested in, let us know… we’re always happy to have an excuse to explore a new subject or idea. play doh

  10. Lorraine Miller says:

    thank you for sharing these inspirational stories with us!

  11. ruthlit says:

    I’m so glad you find them useful and inspiring!

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