No one will disagree with me if I make a bold statement that we are all under a lot of stress these days.  The on-going pandemic, issues of social justice, concerns over policy and policy makers, and missing loved ones can all make for overwhelming sadness, as well as sleepless nights.   If we are tired and worried, we can’t be the kind of support we hope to be to those who depend on us: our families and friends as well as activism work and advocacy responsibilities.

When stress is taking its toll, it is important to have moments to rebuild our strength by relaxing and taking care of ourselves.   The good news is:  several recent studies show that “reading fiction is more effective at reducing stress than listening to music, sipping tea, and taking a walk. In fact, stress levels were shown to be reduced by 68 percent after reading. While your brain is engaged in the story, your heart rate slows down and muscles relax. Because there is so much work for your brain to do, reading is a very effective way to focus your energy and improve your concentration. The act of reading something with a strong narrative arc also lasts beyond the time you’re reading. Your brain will actually hold on to the story, giving you something to revisit later.” ( See:  “Your Brain on Books,” Huffington Post.)

So it is actually good mental and physical rejuvenation to lose yourself in a book.  This month, look for posts with ideas and strategies for rereading, and suggestions for the kind of book that grabs your attention and keeps you involved in another world. Here’s one to get you started:  Books and Self-Care:  Lose Yourself in a Book   Then, check out our Family Reading Challenge and The World of Story: YA Fantasy Series. Happy reading!



Last Week: NIGHT SHINE by Tessa Gratton:  Recommended YA Fantasy

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12 Responses to NEW!

  1. imnotreallyawriter says:

    I love, love, love your site! I am on my way to the library now with a list of books you’ve recommended to check out. Thank you!

  2. Meghan says:

    You made my day! Thank you! If there are ever any special book types or ages you’re interested in, let us know… we’re always happy to have an excuse to explore a new subject or idea.

  3. imnotreallyawriter says:

    I have a four year old girl who loves books, so if there is a subject she’s burning to know more about I will make a request. 🙂 Thank you!

  4. marydventura says:

    Yeah! Don’t forget Free Comic Book Day!!! This Saturday, May 7th!

  5. rosefamily says:

    I know! This is the firs year I’m taking the kids… I can’t wait.

  6. mariandog says:

    Ha, that is so cute picture, little mouse 😀

  7. Jane Watson says:

    What are suggested book titles to read as an introduction to a Parent Workshop ELA K – 2 and Grades 3 – 5. Something to get parents motivated about sharing books with their child.

  8. ruthlit says:

    I would suggest the above link to share with parents, or some of the lists from within it. They could choose from classic read-aluds to “read by myself” books. Let me know what you decide! I’d love to hear how your workshop goes!

  9. Samara Orosz says:

    WOW You made my day! Thank you! If there are ever any special book types or ages you’re interested in, let us know… we’re always happy to have an excuse to explore a new subject or idea. play doh

  10. Lorraine Miller says:

    thank you for sharing these inspirational stories with us!

  11. ruthlit says:

    I’m so glad you find them useful and inspiring!

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