Spring-booksReady or not, here it comes:  Spring that is.  Here on the West Coast, we are enjoying it, while our friends and family in the East are still hoping spring will arrive. . .sometime this year.  But no matter the weather, it can be spring in our hearts, and a good time to celebrate books, reading, and the joy of new beginnings. And there are so many good reads to celebrate!  In the weeks to come, we notice some themes emerging in our reading recommendations.  The unlikely emergence of lots of royalty, from a flight on Snow White to the great new YA nonfiction title on Russian Royalty, to the sci fi/fantasy world of The Red Queen.  This is also book award season, and we’ll be sharing and celebrating the winners.  Happy Reading!

Last week: And the Winner is. . .VIVA FRIDA!

Coming up:  May the 4th Be With You:  Star Wars Day


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6 Responses to NEW!

  1. I love, love, love your site! I am on my way to the library now with a list of books you’ve recommended to check out. Thank you!

  2. Meghan says:

    You made my day! Thank you! If there are ever any special book types or ages you’re interested in, let us know… we’re always happy to have an excuse to explore a new subject or idea.

  3. I have a four year old girl who loves books, so if there is a subject she’s burning to know more about I will make a request. :) Thank you!

  4. marydventura says:

    Yeah! Don’t forget Free Comic Book Day!!! This Saturday, May 7th!

  5. rosefamily says:

    I know! This is the firs year I’m taking the kids… I can’t wait.

  6. mariandog says:

    Ha, that is so cute picture, little mouse :D

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