New Books Celebrating the Moon for Young Children

Big-MoonComing up September 27th:  a Supermoon!  Very exciting–to learn just why, and be prepared for this event, you might want to read this blog at EarthSky.    Such a compelling cosmic event sparked in us a renewed interest in the moon, the night sky, and rereading some great books.  (Check out Revisiting the Night Sky  for 2 lists that are devoted to picture books on the constellations and the delights of the moon.)

Here are three new books we can joyfully recommend to share with your little ones, all by award-winning authors and illustrators! We recommend reading by the light of the moon.

Full-MoonThe Full Moon at the Napping House by Audrey and Don Wood

We were first introduced to this cozy sweet home in a book named for it:  The Napping House.  A well-loved classic first published in 1984, this book has been re-issued often over the years.  And now we are given the great gift of a delightful sequel.  Like the original, The Full Moon version, draws children in with its whimsical and humorous cumulative tale.  I always loved the way the colors in the illustrations changed in hue as night turned to day.  Look for similar touches in the sequel. As the moon pours in, no one at the Napping House can get any sleep!  Not Granny, her grandchild, the pets. . .not even the tiniest mouse.  That is, until the final guest arrives. (No spoilers here.)  You’ll want to delight in the satisfying conclusion with a child or two on your lap.


Papa-moonPapa, Please Get the Moon for Me:  Book and CD by Eric Carle, read by Stanley Tucci

The waxing and waning of the moon is beautifully portrayed for young children–in the illustrations as well as the clever construction of the book.  With several fold-out pages, the book opens out horizontally to show a very long ladder Papa fetches, and opens vertically to show him climbing the ladder above a very high mountain.   Monica’s Papa works hard to capture the moon for his darling daughter, but it is too large to carry, so he has to wait until it is smaller to wrap his arms around it to bring home to her.  Stanley Tucci’s narration on the CD is an added bonus that updates this re-issued text.


MaxMax and the Tag-along Moon by Floyd Cooper

Every page of this gorgeous book features a full moon.  Young Max is comforted by his Grandfather’s words: “Granpa said it would always shine for me.”  As Max heads home, Max is delighted to see that the moon follows him as he travels up a hill, down a hill, around a curve, bouncing past resting cows, and through a quiet small town. But when that tag-along moon disappears behind thick, smoky storm clouds, Max says, “I guess that ol’ moon couldn’t shine for me all the way home.” Upstairs in bed, Max misses Granpa, but then a magic ball of light fills Max’s window, and he raises his arms in glorious victory. A wonderful readaloud for young children, with images that delight all ages.



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