April 30th is Save the Frogs Day

Fab-frogsAnd what better time to celebrate our amphibian friends with a delightful picture book–and compelling video?  Fabulous Frogs by Martin Jenkins, illustrated by Tom Hopgoods is a hot-off-the-presses picture book, perfect for home and school for the pre-k through kindergarten set.  I love that it features the diversity of kinds of frogs rather than just a focus on the frog life cycle, as many children’s books on frogs do.  Jenkins begins the book by letting readers know that “there are more than 5,000 kinds of frogs” in the world. The book then attempts to illustrate to the reader a few of the more unique variety of frogs in the world: from the giant Goliath frog to the tiny frogs of Papua New Guinea. It gives examples of frogs that can jump really far to ones that appear to fly to frogs that live buried underground. The illustrations do a great job of illuminating the text and are essential to understand the knowledge in the book. The last two pages of the book include paintings of eight more frogs and a short index.


Looking for more for the whole family?  You can’t go wrong with the PBS special:  Nature: Fabulous Frogs from Sir David Attenborough.  From this link, you can watch the trailer,–and perhaps rent or buy the video.  It’s awesome!


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