ENZO RACES IN THE RAIN! by Garth Stein: A Review

enzoEnzo Races in the Rain! by Garth Stein, illustrated by R.W.Alley

Enzo is back, and this time in a picture book for kids.  We first met this charming dog in the compelling adult novel The Art of Racing in the Rain We couldn’t help but include it in our flight on Dogs.  Now Enzo as a pup returns to delight a younger audience with his exuberance, intelligence, fun-loving nature, and loyalty to his human family, Zoe and Denny.  It’s almost a pre-quel to the adventures and life of Enzo the adult dog that we meet in the novel, and a fitting way to share this truly lovable character.  A dear friend of mine, Jackie, introduced me to this author, so I was delighted to share the picture book with her so she in turn could share it with her second graders.  She reports they loved it on all levels, included the rich illustrations.  Not just for kids, though.  A treat for dog-lovers of all ages.

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