More Kenn Nesbitt with MORE BEARS!

More Bears! by Kenn Nesbitt, illustrated by Troy Cummings

“This story was a lovely story with no bears in it–not a single bear anywhere.  Then one day. . .


The poor author tries to write his story, but finds he must bow to the wishes of his audience, who scream for ever-more bears as the reader turns the pages.  He grudgingly obliges with one, then two, then three bears, and soon is swept up in the excitement himself, adding firefighting bears, juggling bears, Excellent Steve, the surfing bear, and Admiral Haversham, the British dancing bear.  Kids will be shouting along with the book for “More bears!”  Until the grumpy author decides to banish all the bears. . .and what’s that he hears on the last page?  “MORE CHICKENS!”

More Bears, published this month, is award-winning poet Nesbitt’s first picture book.  He brings his delicious sense of humor and playfulness with words to his young audience, and the story is wonderfully complemented with Troy Cummings captivating pictures  with lots of details for readers to ponder.  (Like the full-page illustration of Astrobear “who, by the way, was Bulgarian and always kept a hamster in his pocket, just in case.”)

For more fun with Kenn Nesbitt’s poetry, check out our review of his book The Tighty Whitey Spider (where you can find links to his children’s poetry website).


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