Two New Books by Rachel Isadora

Posted by Ruth

Ever since I checked out Yo, Jo! from the library and started sharing it with lots of little ones, I have been a devoted fan of Rachel Isadora—a talented author and illustrator of outstanding picture books for young children. In the past year, she has published many books, offering multigenerational families, diverse settings, and simply stunning artistic styles to go along with engaging stories.

PeekabooPeekaboo Bedtime is a new favorite. It’s a turn-the-page guessing game about everyone (and everything) a boy sees on his way to bed. “Peekaboo! I see. . .my mommy. Peekabook! I see. . .my blankie.” There is always a visual clue about what he’ll discover on the next page. Beautiful, warm pastel illustrations contribute to the comforting mood of the book. A great bedtime cuddle-in-your-lap book.


Hansel-and-GretelHansel and Gretel is Rachel Isadora’s newest book (April 2009) and it’s a winner. Rather than taking place in a European forest, this version has a very different setting: the African jungle. The scary story is told simply, yet effectively, and it is dramatically enhanced by the bold and beautiful collage designs rich with geometric African shapes and darkly enticing silhouettes.


If you enjoy these two new books, I encourage you to take a look at Rachel Isadora’s full body of work. There are over a dozen to explore, enjoy, and share with the children in your life. Happy reading!



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