Library Mouse: A Museum Adventure– A Review of the Latest LIBRARY MOUSE

~posted by Ruth

Library-Museum-MouseEarlier this year, we shared a couple of great new additions to YA series.  Continuing sagas are written for other age groups, though, and we have also been captivated by Sam, the Library Mouse.  Each book of this picture book series can stand alone, but we’ve found that young children love to hear about Sam, and then meet his other friends and continuing adventures in the follow-up books.  The latest story takes Sam and his friend Sarah  beyond the walls of their cherished library and into a new and exciting realm:  a museum!

Library Mouse:  A Museum Adventure by Daniel Kirk

A museum adventure is just the ticket for Sam and Sarah.  Sam, an author, and daily journal keeper, creates a new notebook for sketching as well as writing and decides that the nearby museum would be just the place to try out his new explorer’s journal.  Sarah, always up for excitement and exploration, is all set to go, but does have her doubts about the uses of a journal for such an adventure. Pretty soon, though, she’s a fan, too, as they include ticket stubs, maps, and drawings of Egyptian mummies, dinosaurs, and other cool discoveries.  They also meet a surprising new friend and artist. . . We loved–and chuckled over– the masterpieces reproduced lovingly with mouses as subjects in the “special gallery.”  A wonderful way to introduce young art lovers to great art through history, with a twist!

And you’ll also want to check out the first three books in the collection:

Library-MouseLibrary Mouse by Daniel Kirk
Sam, an adventurous and appealing little mouse, lives in a small hole in wall in the children’s section of the library. He sleeps all day, but roams the library at night, reading, reading, reading—and acting out his adventures. Like many committed readers before him, Sam decides to try his hand at being an writer himself. His little self-published books become such a hit at the library that the children invite their anonymous author to come to Meet the Author Day. Sam’s brilliant solution to this dilemma is a wonderful inspiration for young writers to write their own stories and add their voices and talents to their bookshelves. The illustrations show Sam to be a delightful character, with his little mouse teeth thoughtfully sharpening pencils for the children, or his dark eyes flashing as he poses in front of the little mirror.


Lib-Mouse-FreindLibrary Mouse: A Friend’s Tale by Daniel Kirk

Writers often collaborate, and Sam, the Library Mouse is no exception. In this tale, he  has a secret collaboration with Tom, an aspiring young author.  Not only do they create a wonderful book project together, but their friendship grows as Tom cleverly protects Sam’s secret writing identity.  This book is about the power of friendship as well as the wonders of reading and writing.  As always, the imaginative full-color detailed illustrations really enhance the reading experience for children.


Library-Mouse-WorldLibrary Mouse:  A World to Explore

It turns out that Sam isn’t the only mouse living in his library home.  In A World to Explore, Sam meets Sarah, a mouse from the other side of the library, who parachutes over to Sam and introduces herself.  That’s  Sarah–eager to explore and have adventures, even before she’s really thought them out sometimes.  Sam is a bit more cautious, so they make a great pair of explorers, balancing each other out as they roam the library from top to bottom.  In this tale, Sarah helps Sam overcome his fear of heights–and Sam teaches Sarah how much fun reading can be, creating a different kind of joy and adventure.

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