MAX THE BRAVE by Ed Vere: New Picture Book for Young Readers

MaxMax the Brave by Ed Vere

As you can see, Max is one brave and courageous little kitty (scowl and cape and all!).  He is eager to prove that bravery by living his destiny:  chasing mice.  Unfortunately, he is a little kitty who doesn’t yet know the world well enough to know what a mouse looks like.  And to add to his misfortune, he gets some very bad advice from a very savvy mouse.  On the way to his discovery, he asks a variety of animals for help.  Toddler readers I have shared this book with  love the mistakes Max makes, and as an adult, I get a kick out of the humor and off-beat expressions of the animals.  I see this brand new book as an “instant classic” for the very young–and possibly a good teaching tool for early readers to look at the pictures and make inferences.

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