SQUARE by Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen

Square by Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen

I love the new shape trilogy that Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen have created.  Triangle was the first and we adored it, as you can tell from our post.  Square is equally good, but very different.  Square is a hard worker, but a bit of a plodder.  Every day, he moves a heavy bock from below ground to above ground, creating a new pile.  Circle, Square’s friend, is mightily impressed when she sees his “artistic” work.  She declares him a genius!  This is troubling to Square, as he loves Circle, and wants to create something to please her, so he tries something a bit different.  Does he succeed with his new creation–or not?  What does it mean to be creative?  The story ends on an ambiguous note that begs discussion.  The wry humor these authors bring to their children’s books is in evidence here.  Can’t wait for the third book–about our new friend, Circle!


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