Pete the Cat at the Beach by James Dean: A Review

~posted by Ruth

Pete-the-Cat-BeachPete the Cat at the Beach

by James Dean

Pete the Cat is back, with the signature art that helps make him so beloved by children.  This time, it’s a beach adventure, where Pete finds lots of fun things to do at the beach. . .except going into that scary water.  As both author and illustrator, James Dean is attempting a different format for this Pete tale, with a book designed to be read by the young children themselves in a “My First I Can Read” easy reader.  I must admit, I miss the repetition and rhyme, song beat, and hipness that I conjure up when I think of Pete the Cat.   Maybe I miss the usual author, Eric Litwin?   But kids still love Pete–and it’s worth sharing this book  with your young readers this summer.  Especially if your vacations take you to the ocean shores.  This new book has been a hit with the kids I shared it with!

And if you’re planning a family beach trip, check out our Book Flight on Beach Reads for the whole family from our archives.


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