La La La: A Story of Hope by Kate DiCamillo Kim: A New Nearly Wordless Picture Book/Pre-Graphic Novel

La La La:  A Story of Hope by Kate DiCamillo, illustrated by Jaime Kim

While this addition to your Kate DICamillo bookshelf is usually described as “nearly wordless,”  I like viewing it as the perfect introduction to graphic novels for young readers pre-K through Grade 2. Kate DiCamillo writes in an afterword that she envisioned a small lonely circle and in her mind, the story unfolded of the power of the little circle viewing a larger one from a distance and dreaming of how to connect.  “Finally,” DiCamillo writes, “I figured that what the small circle needed to do was sing. Because even if we are small and alone and afraid, if we sing, sometimes someone answers us back.”

The book, gorgeously illustrated by Jaime Kim, shows a little girl, standing alone and singing, but no one responds. Armed with her curiosity and considerable courage, she ventures out into the world singing to nature:  trees, ponds, the darkness, and the moon–but still no response.  In an endearing ending, the little girl is awakened in the dark night by a singing response.  She has been heard! The book is so full of heart, and perfectly captures the need for understanding and the wish for someone to join using our songs.  A sweetly inspiring book.

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