April 8th-Easter Greetings

We’ve made book suggestions  for the past couple of years to celebrate Easter time with:

Favorite Bunnies

as well as with some suggestions:

For the Easter Basket

This year, we recommend a wonderful old classic we both remember from our childhoods, recently reissued to celebrate its 70th anniversary:

The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes by DuBose Heyward, illustrated by Marjorie Flack

This beautifully written story is surprisingly modern, and such a joy to share across generations. Little Cottontail Mother ( as the Country Bunny calls herself) is a nurturing kind and hardworking mother to her 21(!) bunny children.  Like her, they grow up to be industrious, caring, and committed to their family and community.  From the time she is a little girl bunny, she has always dreamed of being one of the Easter Bunnies.  Laughed at by the other rabbits (the snobby aristocratic bunnies and the boastful jack rabbits),  she perseveres and does indeed attain her goals.  There’s more than a little feminism in this classic tale.  The author DuBose Heyward is best known for penning Porgy and Bess, but don’t miss this other wonderful example of his work in the picture book genre.  Anyone who loves Easter and Easter bunnies can’t go wrong with fine book.

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