New Picture books that Celebrate Snow

snowNothing says winter like Snow!  (Except if you are in Portland, then it’s Rain–or in LA, where it’s Sun!)  But we can dream–and remember the sweet crisp smell of new snow and the clean fresh blanket covering the earth that made the world look like a winter wonderland.  Sigh.  When we took a look at these brand new picture books that celebrate snow, we found ourselves nostalgic and drawn to those endearing memories.  For those of you who live where snow is surrounding you–and those of you who remember those cozy days of snowfall–here are  a few books for anticipating the winter holidays.


best-in-snowBest in Snow by April Pulley Saire

Images can often say it best, especially when the photographer is April Pulley Saire, award-winning photographer.  Filled with gorgeous pictures, this book is also perfect for sharing with young scientists as the marvels of the natural world come alive in the captivating poetic text.  Truly a delightful and appropriate read for the changing seasons and an understanding of the life cycles of snow and the journey from lakes and rivers, to the clouds, and back the earth again.  Spell-binding.


poem-for-peterA Poem for Peter:  The Story of Ezra Jack Keats and the Creation of The Snowy Day by Andrea David Pinkney, Illustrated by Steve Johnson and Lou Fancher

This book makes me cry every time I read it.  First, it brings back my love of The Snowy Day and the power it has always had for children.  And to know more about the author and artist, Ezra Jack Keats, opens a whole new world behind the creation of this classic and ground-breaking book.  I had no idea this visionary artist was a Polish immigrant, suffering the hardships not only of coming to a new country, but the discrimination of anti-Semitism.  Pinkney’s verse is masterful and appropriately poetic:  “Brown-sugar child,/when you and your hue/burst onto the scene,/all of us came out to play.”  The images are an ode to Keats’ work using mixed-media collages of prints, fabrics, photos, and paint, all of which capture the liveliness of the urban setting and historical points.  If you buy one picture book this year to add to your collection, this is the one!


before-morningBefore Morning by Joyce Sidman

Have you ever done a little snow dance to “encourage” a snow day and no school/no work the next day?  If so, you’ll appreciate the  young child in this story who chants a poetic invocation to bring a snowy day to her family for the following morning.  What a treat to be able to spend an unhurried, leisurely day together when the weather prevents the normal schedule and routine!  We love the quiet beauty of this book, with its gorgeous scratch board illustrations.  A gift for your own snowy day!



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