Baby Love

Bay-booksBabies in our lives?  You bet!  There’s little Boden in Colorado and Annabelle Lee in New Hampshire.  But close by in LA or Portland?  Not so much.  Our toddler friends June and Vivi are clearly in the toddler range now and we find ourselves missing the chance to hold and cherish babies.  So we are honoring babyhood with a few great books that feature the littlest ones and their special attributes.  Huggy Kissy is a board book, best for baby readers and their adult side-kicks.  The rest are also great for toddlers and young readers to share with their families.

BabiesA Book of Babies by Il Sung Na

Il Sung Na is the talented illustrator of delightful books like Snow Rabbit, Spring Rabbit, and A Book of Sleep.  In this, her latest contribution, she brings the reader on a world-wide tour of  the first day of life for 18 different babies. An ode to the joy of new life!


Baby-BearBaby Bear by Kadir Nelson

Baby Bear is a wonderful picture book for its compelling illustrations.  Young children delight in the animals that Baby Bear meets in his journey home.  He gets help from animal friends who bolster his self-esteem and give him courage.  And he gets help from other living things; my favorite picture is of him hugging a tree and thinking of home.  The story is slim, but sweet and you can’t go wrong with Kadir Nelson’s art work.


Baby-penguinsBaby Penguins Everywhere by Melissa Guion

A book of penguins–and of parenting.  Who wouldn’t love an adorable baby penguin when she pops out of a hat?  And then another, and another, and so many adorable baby penguins!  Can there be too many?   New Mama loves them very much, but “we all need time to be alone.”  Lots of fun to see the good-spirited chaos the babies create.  Beautiful illustrations  that match a unique story.


HuggyHuggy Kissy (a board book) by Patricia Patricelli

Ptricia Patricelli’s board books feature an adorable bald baby, and this one is perfect not just for Valentine’s Day.  This baby is loved by everyone, and families get to interact by encouraging baby readers to be cuddled, hugged, kissed, and tickled as they enjoy the bright (and sturdy!) pages of this board book.  Extra bonus:  your baby will also hug and kiss you, dear reader.


2 Responses to Baby Love

  1. mguion says:

    Thanks so much for including me in your list!

  2. mguion says:

    (ps Baby Penguins Everywhere is now a board book, too!)

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