SNOW AND ROSE by Emily Whitfield Martin: A Fairy Tale Reimagined

Snow and Rose by Emily Whitfield Martin

Fairy tale retellings are quite the rage these days, and some are more successful than others.  But you can feel confident putting Snow and Rose on your wish list.  The fairy tale of Snow White and Rose Red is a lesser known one, but always beloved to me since my parents would read it to my sister and me from Grimm’s Fairy Tales, and we even renamed dolls by those names.  I have such vivid images in my mind, I was surprised to be so delighted with author/illustrator Martin’s vision of the girls. These beautiful illustrations will be a hit with all ages. Like all Grimm tales, Snow White and Rose Red has a bit of a sinister edge. Rather than tell you the plot line and take away surprises for readers new to this tale, I’ll simply tell you that it is a tale of two sisters, and explores themes of kindness, taking risks, and unraveling mysteries.  I love the way Martin imagines the forest with its own voice.  And her writing is lyrical and moving. I can heartily recommend it to its intended audience of 8-12 year olds–and to fairy tale lovers of all ages.


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