Mustache Fever–in Picture Books

mustacheMustache fever!  There seems to be an epidemic, in fashion, costumes–and yes, picture books!  With lots of family gatherings coming up, catch the mustache fever.  Here are a few books for little ones to get you all in the mood.  And don’t forget your fake mustaches to add to your reading pleasure. (You can even get baby pacifiers with mustaches.  Too cute!)

Mustache-BabyMustache Baby by Bridget Heos, illustrated by Joy Ang

What is this?  Baby Billy is born with a mustache?  His parents are OK with it–after all, Billy comes in handy  at playtime as a terrific mustachioed cop or cowboy.  But they do begin to get nervous when the mustache ends curl up suspiciously like a villain’s mustache.  Could it be influencing him to be a bad-guy?  It certainly looks that way as he becomes bad, very bad.  He even becomes a “cereal criminal” and a “cat burglar.”  Luckily, his parents are able to reassure him that everyone has a “bad mustache day,” and he becomes a good little guy again.  He even makes friends with  his new neighbor, a little bearded guy!  The pictures are really fun, too, and help play on the puns.  This book is great as a readaloud, too.


Mr.-NashMr. Nash and His Mustache by Jamie Uyeshiro

Mr.Nash has lost his mustache, and the reader gets to journey with him as he searches for it so he can do the important things in his life.  Along the way, he keep thinking he’s found it–but it turns out to be. . .perhaps a squirrel’s tail, or a ninja’s nun-chucks.  Luckily, Mr. Nash also meets friends on his journey who teach him the importance of believing in yourself.  A fun and sweet book, with a message about having confidence in yourself.


MustacheMustache!  by Mac Barnett illustrated by Kevin Cornell

Meet King Duncan. . .handsomely dashing, but a terrible king.  He spends so much time admiring his handsome face, that he does no governing of his people, who need him. The country is falling apart but King Duncan just responds by posting more and more banners that show off his beauty.  When the people rebel, they do so creatively, by painting mustaches on all the likenesses of the king.  The king banishes them to prison, which he is forced to build, repaving roads, fixing towers–you guessed it, dealing with his crumbling kingdom. Readers will appreciate the humor and resolution of this silly but engaging story.


Mo's-mustacheMo’s Mustache by Ben Clanton

A book suitable for the littlest ones, yet enjoyed by the adults who read to them.  Mo the monster becomes a trend-setter when he dons a mustache and all the other monsters add mustaches as well.  While he is glad they appreciate his sense of style, he prefers being unique.  Hysterical pictures as the monsters all try out different styles in imitation of Mo–and then create their own for a very special fashion show!  Lots of fun for everyone.  And we even learn a new way to use mustaches:  the title page states that the artwork in this book was “rendered in watercolor and ink using a mustache as a brush.”




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