A Trio of Summer Board Books

Toddler,-board-bookOur toddler friends like all kinds of books, including regular hardbound and paperback picture books, read-aloud treasures, songbooks. . .But there’s something special about the indestructibility and tactile feel of board books.  In the past, we’ve sung the praises of board books and even recommended a list of our favorites.  This summer, we are checking out some of the new board books to recommend to Vivi, Hudson, Boden, Roger, Pippin, Jax, and June.  Here’s a trio of new favorites to add to the classics!

Toy-BoatToy Boat (Board Book) by Randall de Seve, illustrated by Loren Long

This is a board book that will grow with your little one through pre-school and beyond.  David is at the center of the story, and the other “character” is his little home-made toy boat; (be sure to look carefully for the face in the cork holding up the mast).   A simple tale, told with grace through straight-forward text; readers explore the bounds of freedom and closeness.  As parents, we can’t help but see the parent-child bonds, though children may view it more from the perspective of the closeness of a particular toy and its potential loss, and journey back home.  Gorgeous book to pore over with your young reader.


 Hide-and-seekHide and Seek at the Beach by Kenny Harrison

What’s your favorite beach game?  Is it Hide and Seek?  That’s the go-to game for Harry and his friends.  But it’s hard to hide when you’re a hippo.  Little ones are quickly engaged and get in on the joke as Harry tries to hide. . .behind a beach umbrella, under a sand castle, in a hammock. Cheery and bright illustrations, a wonderful chance for interaction with toddler readers, with its large text type and lilting rhymes.  Tuck it in your beach bag to share on a day at the beach!


FarmerThe Farmer’s Away!  Baa Neigh!  by Anne Vittur Kennedy

What happens when the farmer is away from the farm?  In this infectious board book, we find out about all the mischief the animals get into. Books that are interactive with making the sounds of the animals are such fun for kids–and parents who get a kick out of seeing their kids laugh aloud at the silliness.  The animals make all the sounds you’d expect–and more, as they frolic in an extravagant manner.  Picnicking and racing inner-tubes are only the beginning.  How about jet-skiing, ballroom dancing, or taking off in a hot air balloon? Of course, the animals are able to settle down quickly when warned by an arf arf that the farmer is returning.  A favorite with the youngest child–and still fun for pre-schoolers.



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