April 7th – Passover

This year Passover is from April 6th through the 14th.

It’s my (Meghan) favorite of the Jewish holidays.  Not being raised in that faith, but having married into it, and wanting to raise our kids with an awareness of their heritage and culture on both sides, we celebrate everything in our house.  (Literally, everything – we’re big holiday people!)  And coming late to the party, as you might say, this spring holiday of family and remembrance is my favorite.  I love the ritual of the Seder dinner, the talking, the singing, the asking of the questions…  So we have been accumulating a little library of our favorite Passover books that we revisit each year at this time.  Here’s our list.

And every year, we try and add a book to the library, either one that is newly published or at least that is new to our family.  This year, here’s our pick:

Beautiful Yetta: The Yiddish Chicken by Daniel Pinkwater

Daniel Pinkwater’s offbeat humor appeals to everyone in the family.  And this story is definitely one of his strangest and goofiest.  But it’s charming, offers loads of topics for discussion, and is really fun to read with loads of silly voices. Yetta, and organically raised chicken, is unloaded in Brooklyn, destined to be a Friday night dinner.  Wanting to avoid that fate, she escapes, bu finds herself alone in a strange land…  filled with funny pictures, loads of Yiddish and Spanish and silly situations and new friends, Yetta explores the world.  Not specifically a passover book, and not necessarily a book to read right before Seder dinner (if you’re serving chicken!) but lots of fun, and fitting for this time of year, it’s quickly become a family favorite here.


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