WE FOUND A HAT by Jon Klassen: Final Book in the Hat Series!

hatWe Found a Hat by Jon Klassen

If you’re like me and many readers of Klassen’s hat trilogy, you wondered what twist he would put on this final book.  I was right to trust Klassen’s wit and cleverness, and hilarious drawings; in short, it’s a hit. Instead of a fish or a bear, this tale features two turtles who find a hat.  A quite stunning cowboy hat that frankly, looks quite well on both of them.  Hmm, but there is only one hat.  The visual comedy is all in the shifting eyes of the turtles, especially one who is particularly drawn to that fine hat.  Of course, this book is a wonderful book for the youngest readers, but the visual comedy and implied emotions are actually perfect for older audiences as well.  I should mention, there’s a sweetness to this book that makes it a very satisfying conclusion to the three books.  Share it with friends and family!


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