A Special Reading Place

posted by Meghan

Coming from a family or readers, I can certainly vouch for the fact that anyplace can be a reading place.  As a kid, we read in the car, under the covers, had bookshelves in the bathrooms and fought over the cereal box at breakfast to have something to read at a time and place where books weren’t really allowed.  Raising kids as the children of two writers, we’re trying to create that same environment.

But as fun as it is to read anywhere, I’ve learned that, for young children at least, it’s really wonderful to have a special reading place.  We have the rocking chair.


When the kids were first born, it was the place for nursing and cuddling and soothing, and yes, reading.  Now we still all head for the rocking chair first thing every morning for stories before breakfast.  And when we have guests, like Grandpa (above), when they bring you a book, if you make the mistake of starting to read it to them on the floor or couch, they’ll shake their heads, take the book from you and lead you to the rocking chair.  It’s the place for reading.



chair1together, or with anyone else, the rocking chair is their special reading chair.  Probably because we all read so much, and because it was their first place for food and comfort, it has become a great resource for us when the kids are tired or sick or just overworked.  Nothing settles one of our little cranksters than the promise of “any book you want, in the rocking chair”.

If  you don’t have a rocking chair, try picking another special place in your house, or a reading blanket, or some other special thing that signifies to your child that at that time, nothing will come between you and them and a good book.

One Response to A Special Reading Place

  1. marydventura says:

    I love the idea of a special reading place. Right now…actually always, we’ve just read to Gabe where ever we are when we run into a book, but his world is so big now that he’s 1 (already!!!). Even tonight I could barely get through our night night book (our new favorite: I’ll See You In the Morning by Mike Jolley and Mique Moriuchi) without him getting distracted by the lamp and climbing over the pillows to pull the on/off cord.
    The promise of a specialty area with limited distractions! Great idea!

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