Listen to the Wind is a clear winner with children—and it happens to be complemented by an adult book that we both, and everyone else we know, loved.   This pairing makes a lovely literary connection across the generations.


Listen-to-the-windListen to the Wind: The Story of Dr. Greg and Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson and Susan Roth (with collages by Susan Roth) is a 2009 picture book that appeals to young readers as an incredible true adventure story. The narrative is both moving and inspiring and tells the story of Dr. Greg, who loses his way mountain-climbing in Pakistan and is cared for by the people in a small impoverished village. A wise man from the community advises him to “Listen to the wind” to discover how he might repay the townspeople and children for their kindness. The story of how Dr. Greg was able to work with the community to raise money, create a bridge and roads, and ultimately build the school is told through simple text and the stunning collage work that represents the villagers use of scraps to beautify their environment.

. . .AND. . .


Three Cups of Tea: One Man’s Mission to Promote Peace . . . One School at a Time by Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin

Reading Listen to the Wind is likely to spark adults’ interest in learning more the backstory of Dr. Greg Mortenson’s work advocating for the education of the young people he came to care about in the Pakistani village. Mortensen tells his tale in a straightforward manner, including his own mistakes and naïveté as he struggles to raise money and cross a wide cultural divide. A deeper look at the story you share with your children in Listen to the Wind.



  1. msyoungacademy says:

    I loved Three Cups of Tea. It made a very powerful statement me to about how easily we could solve many of the world’s issues with one another with a good cup of tea…or for us Texans and big glass of iced tea…and a little common sense. My students saw me read it and as I cried or cheered they wanted to read it but the first part of the book is very difficult to get through. I think the book will help them understand what Dr. Greg was trying to do and then get them through the very meaningful parts. Thank you for letting me know about this picture book, it will be joining my collection as soon as it comes in at Borders!

  2. ruthlit says:

    Thanks for writing! It’s really a wonderful book, and kids I have read it to really listen with their hearts and want to contribute to making a difference in the world. By the way, later in August we plan to do a couple of lists on children;s books that help kids make a difference. Hope you’ll find those helpful, too.


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