British Children’s Literature for Young Children: Two Treats to Share

We always enjoy books from abroad as well as the wealth of children’s literature from the United States.  It’s particularly fun to share the British stories, and hear little ones talking about their rucksacks–or asking for a special teatime.  So we recommend a brand new book from the UK about Roger, as well as the Lauren Child series that features Charlie and Lola.  (It’s also fun for our family that our youngest cousins are names Roger and Charlie and we love to share books that celebrate the names of our loved ones!)


rogerRoger is Reading a Book by Koen Van Biesen

Looking for a new picture book that celebrates the joy of reading?  We recommend this brand new British picture book (written by a Belgian author) that is not only engaging and entertaining, but downright hilarious. Roger, an adult book lover, just wants some peace and quiet so he can relax and enjoy his book. But the girl in the apartment next door has very loud hobbies, like playing basketball and beating on her drums.  The solution?  Give her a book of her own!  I love Roger, with his bookish glasses, bow tie, and vest.  For all her noisiness, Emily is also a delightful character.  And when you mix in Roger’s dog, a charming basset hound. . .wait, no spoilers here.  Enjoy with  friend!


charlieBut Excuse Me That is My Book (Charlie and Lola) by Lauren Child

All children have their favorite book at the library that they think of as theirs. Every parent is familiar with the process of renewing a book until you can’t anymore and the result is hysteria when you have to return “their” book. So the whole family can relate to Lola, who LOVES one particular book at the library and doesn’t know what to do when it’s not there. Her brother Charlie tries to help her find a new book, but it seems like nothing can possibly be as good as Beatles, Bugs and Butterflies. Or can it?

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