First the Egg

-posted by Meghan

firstegg I wanted to call attention to this particular book all on its lonesome.  It’s called First the Egg by Laura Vaccaro Seeger.

I had never heard of it, but Mom recommended it as a book the kids in the Headstart class, where she’s been doing research lately, adore.  So we got it out of the library.  We read it to Molly once, and she became the expert on this book in our family.  After hearing it the one time, she went off in a corner and read the book for ages quietly, then began reading it aloud to us.  I know that most of that is the beautiful simplicity of the words and repetition of the story made it easy for her to memorize, but part of it is that the pictures also tell the story, so while she remembers the gist, she is actually able to read the book to us using a combination of memory and the pictures.

The pride you see in your child’s face when they read you a book they haven’t heard a thousand times definitely made me want to give this book special recognition.  If you have a pre-reader in your house, look for this book and see what they think.

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