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SkyThe Sky of Afghanistan by Ana de Eulate and Sonja Wimmer

The young narrator of The Sky of Afghanistan is like children all around the world:  she looks up in the sky and her “imagination begins to soar.”  She envisions a sky full of kites and stars, dreams of wonder and hope. . .and peace.  It’s a tale simply told, with rich and moving illustrations showing her soaring over villages and mountains and cities in her beloved country, leading her friends and family to “A place where harmony reigns,/a place of togetherness. . ./A place–please forgive me if my eyes fill with/tears–that leads us toward PEACE.” We love the perpetual optimism of the young Afghani girl, the dramatic and elegant illustrations, and the hopeful message of tolerance and wishes for freedom from war and suffering.

A fitting picture books for children as young as 5, who will identify with playing, dreaming, and loving your family and the places you live. We’ll be adding it to our recommended list of books to bring understanding of the Middle East.  Check out our list from last fall here.


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