Downton Abbey for Children’s Literature Fans

Downton-Abbey ~posted by Ruth

Are you a fan of the BBC series Downton Abbey?  Are you, in fact, addicted to it?  Do you take part in the knitting challenges, knitting special creations while watching the series, like Lady Violet’s Dinner Gauntlets?  Or Edith’s Secret shawl?  Oops, that would be me, a diehard fan of both Downton Abbey and knitting.  Well, now you can share your love of Downton Abbey (and who knows?  Maybe knitting?) with the younger members of your family.

Mouseton-bbeyMouseton Abbey by Nick Page

Imagine adorable mouse faces taking the place of well-loved Downton Abbey characters.  My favorite, of course, is the mouse version of  Lady Violet, who retains her wit, her British nobility, as well as her sometimes deafness.  The characters are all amazing in their knitted splendor (wish they included the knitting patterns!), and the tale of Cheesemas and the missing Great Big Cheesy Diamond is both fun and well-told.  These whimsical upper-crust mice are a treat for young readers.  And for adult fans of Downton Abbey, too.


 CheesyMouseton Abbey:  The Cheesy Treasure Hunt by Hayley Down

And if you liked Mouseton Abbey, you might also enjoy the follow-up board book for the littlest readers (and their older siblings).  The knitted mice characters of Mouseton Abbey are back with another mystery:  Who stole the cheesecake?  Silly, but fun–and with the added enticement of flaps to open.  Just what little fingers itch to do!


Downton-TabbyDownton Tabby by Chris Kelly

If your animal preference runs to cats rather than mice, we have the right book for Downton Abbey fans.  Cats are the perfect characters to portray the upper crust, not to mention, the downstairs working class cats that groom, feed, and care for their aristocratic fellow cats.  This retelling and re-imagining is more a satire for the Downton Abbey aficianado, but children love the dressed-up period cats. Downtown Tabby is the stately Yorkshire home of the Earl and Catness of Grimalkin, their three kittens – the pretty one, the prettier one and the other one – their kittens’ kittens, their servants, and, of course, the Dowager Catness, Vibrissa.  (Trust me, her claws really come out!)  Lots of fun, especially for cat lovers.



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