Isabella:  Girl on the Go by Jennifer Fosberry, illustrated by Mike Litwin

“Just how far can a little girl dream?”

Hot off the presses this month is a new book by Jennifer Fosberry.  If you  enjoyed My Name is Not Isabella, you’ll appreciate the further adventures of Isabella as she travels around the world in her imagination.  She dreams big:  as an archeologist, she visits the Great Pyramids (which look suspiciously like her stuffed mouse posed in her sandbox); as an artist, she (and her mouse) travel to Paris; as a warrior, they visit the Great Wall of China.  Their travels take them everywhere–and best of all, to the most wonderful place ever:  her own home.  In Isabella’s further adventures, it is her daddy that she describes her dreams to rather than her mother.  And he plays just as understanding a role.  The end notes give more information about the amazing places she visits, inspiring readers to dig deeper and check out further books and websites.

It’s a good bet that the next book in the series to be a similar version for Alexander, Isabella’s male counterpart  (My Name is Not Alexander)…  No matter the books being a bit predictable, it’s a wonderful empowering collection of books, and one we’ll continue to highly recommend.


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