Two New Books for Spring

Posted by Ruth

What critters could be more spring-like than ducks and rabbits and chicks? Thank goodness for two brand-new 2009 picture books that are on my most favorite list and are a wonderful way to welcome the changing of the seasons.


tough-chicks1Tough Chicks by Cece Meng, illustrated by Melissa Suber

The three tough chicks-Penny, Polly, and Molly-are rough, tough little chicks from the moment they hatch. They are mud-stomping, worm-wrestling, bug-collecting, mechanically inclined little chicks. All the other animals beg Mother Hen to “Make them be good!” She insists they are good-even when they are rambunctious and tough and determined to do things their own way! I love the illustrations that mimic the quick action of the characters as they “peep, peep, zoom, zip, cheep” around the farm and into their barnyard adventures.


duck-rabbitDuck! Rabbit! by Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Tom Lichtenheld

Depending on how you look at it, each page shows a duck, or a rabbit. At either side of the illustrations is a dialogue between two readers who are arguing about which critter is on the page. The clever drawings are drawn as a kind of optical illusion that makes it possible to see both animals. The dialogue is pretty funny, too; neither speaker will give up their argument. A great read-aloud with simple text so your kids will soon be able to “read” it themselves.



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