Who we are reading now: Roald Dahl

-posted by Meghan

I can’t begin to tell you how thrilling it is for me that Molly and Jacob (just turned 5!!!) are really and truly getting into being read chapter books aloud.  We’ve dabbled here and there, reading Alice in Wonderland, The Story of Dr. Dolittle and some Edgar Eager books from time to time, but it’s really been a chapter here and then a chapter there and then forgetting about the book for a month.  But then we made a very happy discovery, and we’ve finally turned into the chapter (or two or three) a night family that I always dreamed we’d be.  What did we discover?  In a word, Dahl!

Somehow our DVR recorded Fantastic Mr. Fox one night.  (I’m thinking we had it set to auto record any Wes Anderson movies?)  I remembered the book, and one movie night decided that would be our next film.  Well, the whole family ADORED it.  So we hit the library the next day and got the book.  And devoured and adored that.  I wondered, were they old enough for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, my favorite Dahl book?  Oh boy were they!  We read it as fast as we could, every one of us on the edge of our seats each time we hoped Charlie would get the golden ticket.  And when it was over, we had another family movie night – this time with Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.  And we all adored that.  It’s been a delightful experience to read aloud to the kids and watch their eyes get wide, to talk about it all day and wonder together what will happen, and then to even get to see a fun and family friendly movie together.

Now I’m excited about starting in on James and the Giant Peach.  (Just as soon as we can finish reading the terrible Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator!  The kids think it’s funny and won’t let us abandon it, but honestly, what was Roald Dahl thinking???  I couldn’t remember what happened in the book when we began and now I know why – I must have blocked it out!)

Then there’s Matilda, The BFG, The Witches… What was your favorite Dahl book?

2 Responses to Who we are reading now: Roald Dahl

  1. I absolutely LOVED Roald Dahl. I remember reading all of his books. Matilda was my favorite. So glad your twins enjoy them and can carry on his legacy in print.

  2. rosefamily says:

    I love Matilda too! I’m dithering about which to read next. We actually are on a Dahl break at the moment, because I was a little weirded out by The Great Glass Elevator. And I’m trying to decide if James and the Giant Peach might scare them a little (though maybe that was the movie that was a little freaky) and we should go right to Matilda, or hit the major classics first…

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