July! Time for More Ice Cream and Hot Dogs

It’s fitting that July has been named the month to celebrate hot dogs and ice cream.  For more on the history of these two delicious summer foods (as well as a book or two. . .), check out our blog:

July is National Hot Dog–and Ice Cream–Month.

We’re also recommending a couple of new books to complement your feast.  Enjoy!

Ice-Cream-SummerIce Cream Summer by Peter Sis

If you are interested in a visual treat to go along with your love of ice cream, look no further.  Peter Sis has created an ode to ice cream as his narrator details the joys of his summer learning adventures to his grandfather; the illustrations show ice cream scoop-shaped waves, sand castles with cone turrets, baseball fields with ice cream sandwich bases.  The pastel colors are the perfect palette for this delectable picture book.  And every page really does teach something about ice cream!


Two-Hot-DogsTwo Hot Dogs With Everything by Paul Haven

Not a brand-new book, but new to us.  Because it’s perfect for Jacob, baseball player extraordinaire, soon-to-be third-grader into chapter books and good read alouds.  We think Molly will like it, too, as she is a die-hard LA Dodgers fan.  (Not to mention, Molly is the name of one of the heroes of the book!) The characters are both engaging and a bit quirky.  Danny Gurkin, the main character, is committed to his team and has lots of crazy ideas to help them break the curse that seems to be keeping his team of sluggers from winning.  A surprsing amount of suspense, not to mention humor.  A terrific summer read–and of course, you’ll love that hot dogs are a key plot device!


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