TALES OF BUNJITSU BUNNY by John Himmelman: Our New Pick for Early Reader Chapter Book Series!

Tales of Bunjistsu Bunny by John Himmelman

We recently posted a list of hot-off-the-presses early reader chapter book series.  But now that we’ve been reading them, we seem to keep finding more and more.  So stay tuned for another list soon.  But in the meantime, I can’t help but share this series that has really caught my fancy.  Not only that, I can vouch for pre-school readers loving being read this series, and early readers delighting in reading it to themselves. But wait, there’s more:  adults I know just love this series, too.  It’s on my coffee table, and is one of the most adored books in my house right now with all ages.

Introducing Isabel, also known as Bunjistu Bunny.  She is not only an amazing Bunjitsu artist, she is a warm-hearted, Zen-loving friend to those in her community.  She is one smart cookie, as she overcomes challenges, solves problems, and works to improve her bunjistu moves.  Each chapter has an adventure–and a message that is told with wisdom and a sly sense of humor.  (Best of all, not preachy at all.) The illustrations are full of movement and expression and keep the book lively and entertaining. Isabel herself, the marvelous Teacher who tells her how to conquer bad dreams and challenges her to defeat a wave, the cricket who brings good luck — all wonderful.  I can already vouch for the second in the series, Bunjitsu Bunny’s Best Move, and a third just came out:  Bunjitsu Bunny Jumps to the Moon.  Happy Reading! 

One Response to TALES OF BUNJITSU BUNNY by John Himmelman: Our New Pick for Early Reader Chapter Book Series!

  1. Diane S. says:

    My elementary students are enjoying the Bunjitsu Bunny series. I love it when they give a new series a try and ask for the next one the next time they are in the library.

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