A Trio of New Picture Books Celebrating Winter

ice-flakeWelcome to winter!  Let’s celebrate.  These new picture books can remind you of the simple pleasures the cold weather can bring.  (And you can be warm and cozy inside while you reminisce. . .or plan new adventures.)

TwelveTwelve Kinds of Ice by Ellen Bryan Obed and Barbara McClintock

If you live in a cold climate, the stories in this lovely little book will make you smile and nod your head in agreement, and encourage you to tell stories of your own about the many different kinds of ice that occur over the course of a winter.  There’s that fragile ice that’s really just a skim over a puddle, or the ice that’s like glass.  Of course, there’s skating ice, and the ice that you can hear cracking outside from your warm bed.  Obed evokes the sights, sounds, and memories of winter, while creating a cozy warm feeling of family and connection to nature throughout the vignettes in this book.  Barbara McClintick’s evocative art is the perfect accent.  Growing up in New England, we experienced all 12 kinds of ice.  In Oregon, I count about 4.  Children who live in warmer climates–say, L.A.–will be eager to explore the different icy adventures that are possible in colder climates.  And we all can visual the “dream ice” that allows us to skate in our imaginations all year long.


PerfectA Perfect Day by Carin Berger

The perfect book for sharing the wonders of a winter day with children, from sunrise to sunset.  Beginning readers can probably read this themselves, and then explore the details in the charming collage illustrations.  A favorite picture is the spread of 18 snow angels, and the children returning to their homes after their day of play.  The words are sweet and poetic–often intertwined with the flakes falling down the page.  A book to read and reread.


Cold-SnapCold Snap by Eileen Spinelli and Marjorie Priceman

The first frost on your nose can be fun, but what about an extended cold snap, with icicles hanging from everything and growing longer everyday? And the wind blowing colder, and temperatures continuing to plummet?  Everyone is trying to get warm–even the mayor with his  “toasty pink bunny slippers.”   A sweet old-fashioned story, great to share on a winter evening, with a cup of hot chocolate and flannel pajamas!


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