mooseThis Moose Belongs to Me by Oliver Jeffers

Oliver Jeffers, author of  Once Upon an Alphabet and The Incredible Book-Eating Boy, is one of our favorite authors.  We recently re-discovered one of his books published a couple of years ago and sent it to a young family member who recommended that we share it with our readers.  So we are delighted to suggest, for your summer reading pleasure:  This Moose Belongs to Me.

When Wilfred crosses paths with a moose, he is pleased–because it just so happens, he has been wanting a pet. He names his new pet Marcel, and teaches him to be the perfect pet. Well, tries to teach him. Wilfred is after all, a rule follower and expects the same of Marcel.  But Marcel shakes off these instructions and is himself, and doesn’t think he belongs to anyone.  Their journey together as they become friends is a hilarious, fun-filled adventure. As you would expect, the illustrations are gorgeous, not to mention funny. Great for pre-schoolers as a read-aloud, and for early readers to enjoy on their own–and with their friends!


One Response to THIS MOOSE BELONGS TO ME by Oliver Jeffers:

  1. Love the illustration on the cover of this book. Such a perfect capture of the movements and life of the moose!

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