Put Me in the Story: My Name is Not. . .

There’s nothing more satisfying for most readers than recognizing themselves in a book. One way to get “lost in a book” is when the author forces you to interact with their world. (Check out our Book Flight: Go Inside a Book for book list for the whole family.)

Kids also love to see their own names in books-it’s a surefire way to draw their attention to how they relate to the characters with their own name. We’ve looked for–and found–books that feature the names of the kids in our lives. (What’s in a Name? ) But the good folks at Put Me in the Story have made it easier!

At the  Put Me in the Story website, you can choose a best-selling children’s book and literally put your child’s name in the book.  Because Molly and Jacob love love love Jennifer Fosberry’s books, we chose to personalize one of her stories for each of them:  My Name is Not Isabella and My Name is Not Alexander.  We were able to personalize with photos of the kids in the dedication, and of course, the books themselves were “reprinted” to become:  My Name is Not Molly and My Name is Not Jacob.  What a hit!

Here’s what the kids told us:

“I like that it says all the things you can invent and they’re all the things I like.  Like they said the best baseball player, Jackie Robinson. Because I’m super good at baseball, so I like that part.  It must be fun to be a book publisher.  You can invent books and make any kind of book – like this.  It’s cool that they put my name on the cover.  I like that they did an illustration of me and that they talked about me and how good I was.  Seeing my name makes me feel like it’s an adventure that’s fun for me.”

“I like that they put me in the book, because it makes me feel special.  Also, cool things happen in the book that actually happen to me in real life, like it makes me think about how women can be different things.  Plus, I just feel excited to see my name in a book!”

We can’t recommend this idea highly enough.  Check it out for the kids in your lives.  We guarantee they’ll love being “in the story” in their own personalized book.



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