Early Readers

From 5 to 9 years old


As children become more comfortable with reading familiar books over and over again, alone and with the adults around them, they naturally start “cracking the code” and using their knowledge of the world to understand the words and pictures in books—and read on their own! No need to stop reading aloud books they can’t read by themselves: we have several “kid-tested” books on the lists below that are wonderful read-alouds to share together. We also include “easy reader” books that children can explore and read without adult help—books that have predictable structures and patterns without sacrificing quality of language and illustrations. Enjoy!

Book Lists

A Trio of New Early Reader Chapter Books

Classics: Read-to-Me Books

Celebrating Literacy:  Three New Picture Books

Comics and Graphic Novels for Early Readers

Feisty Girls in Early Reader Chapter Books

New Spring Picture Books for Young Readers

What We’re Reading:  Some Terrific Bilingual Picture Books

Resistance! Part I:  Learning From Our Moral Ancestors:  Recommended Picture Books for Young Readers

Mischievous Boys

Early Reader Chapter Books for Boys

Great Role Models for Boys

Classics: Read by Myself

Other Great Read by Myself Books

The Sounds of Language: Multicultural Picture Books for Young Children

Chapter Books for Beginning Readers

Math Picture Books

More Math Picture Books

The Math Adventure Continues

Picture Books:  Understanding the Middle East

Introducing Jazz for Young “Hip Cats”

Cowgirls, Cowboys, and Cowcookies. . .

Series Recommendations for Early Readers

Invitation to Imagination:  Fairy Gardens

New to School

Author! Author! Great Picture Books About Being a Writer

Picture Books for Writers

Halloween Fun

Aliens!  New Children’s Literature for UFO Lovers

My First Hanukkah Books

Celebrating the New Year with a Trio of Books for Young Readers

Twins in School-Online Resources

Musicians When They Were Children

Mischievous Boys

Celebrating the Silent Movies in Children’s Literature

More New Fall Picture Books

Celebrating a Love of Words

New Picture Books That Celebrate Snow

Related Posts

LITTLE RED:  by Bethan Woolvin:  A New Retelling for Early Readers


TRIANGLE by Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen


Get Ready to Celebrate Chocolate Cake Day, January 27th


COYOTE MOON by Maria Gianferrari, illustrated by Bagram Ibatouline

Perfect Book to Celebrate Penguin Awareness Day:  PENGUIN PROBLEMS

THUNDER BOY JR.  by Sherman Alexie, illustrated by Yuyi Morales


Celebrating the New Year with a Trio of Book for Young Readers

British Children’s Literature for Children: Two Treats to Share

WE FOUND A HAT  by Jon Klassen:  Book 3 in the hat series

FIREBIRD by Misty Copeland: A Review and Recommendation


Beverly Cleary’s Birthday is April 12th-Happy 100th!

Appreciate a Dragon Day: January 16th

February is Grapefruit Month

Max the Brave

Appreciate a Dragon Day

October 29th is National Hermit Day!

Recommendations for Young Musicians

New Classics for Young Readers

New Books Celebrating the Moon for Young Readers

Pirate Update!

Sloths: A Trio of Books to Delight Young Readers


Ninjas Revisted: Three More for Young Readers

July! Time for More Ice Cream and Hot Dogs

And the Winner is. . .VIVA FRIDA!

EL DEAFO:  An Enthusaistic Review!

Downton Abbey for Children’s Literature Fans

April Fool’s Surprise

CLEOPATRA IN SPACE: Recommended Graphic Novel for Young Readers

Mustache Fever–in Picture Books

The Princess in Black

February is Library Lovers Month

Winter is Coming

Enzo Races in the Rain!

More Young People Who Make a Difference:  Malala and Iqbal

For Your Growing Alphabet Bookshelf:  Once Upon an Alphabet

Wings and Co.:  Perfect Readalouds for Young Readers

The Latest Nate the Great:  NATE THE GREAT WHERE ARE YOU?

Have a Party With Your Bear Day is November 16th

October is National Pizza Month

Super Ninjas!

Revisiting Fairy Gardens

The Pigeon Needs a Bath

Fresh Veggie Day, June 16th

National Museum Day:  May 18th

Artists’ Lives Through Picture Books

What Happened to PETE THE CAT books?

More Mo!:  Behind the Scenes with MO Willems (Plus I’M A FROG!)

Early reader Series:  New Additions for Your Book shelf

New Books Make Great Holiday Gifts:  Picture Book Edition


Fairy Gardens II:  Backyard Adventures

Invitations to Write Your Own Version

Pete the Cat at the Beach

Little Red Riding Hood Around the World

Back to School Books

May 19th is Circus Day!

Hans Christian Anderson’s Birthday

Frogs:  Great Early Reader Non-fiction Recommendations

Celebrating Creativity in New Picture Books

Library Mouse:  A Museum Adventure

The Perfect Flower Girl:  A Review

The Sky of Afghanistan:  A Review

This is Not My Hat!:  Review

A Trio of New Picture Books Celebrating Winter

New Winter Holiday Books! We Recommend. . .

My Hands Sing the Blues

I Wonder Why Zippers Have Teeth

Beautiful Yetta, the Yiddish Chicken:  A Passover Picture Book

The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes:  An Easter Picture Book

April 1st-April Fools Day!

April 6th-Discovery of the North Pole

Wow!  Ocean! Recommended

Who are we reading now? Roald Dahl

Book Review:  Isabella:  Girl on the Go

How Many Donkeys:  A New Arabic Counting Book

Cool Cats Head to School

Children Around the World

Books:  Eat or Be Eaten

National Fairy Tale Day

Free Comic Book Day!

ABC Update

Countdown to Halloween

National Train Day

A Non-traditional Passover

Here Comes Horrid Henry

Little House Memories

On Flamingos and Other Obsessions

Book Review:  The 13 Days of Halloween

Ministry of Funny Voices

Book Pairings: One for You and One for Me

Holiday Shopping for Book Lovers

Eat, Read, and Be Merry!

Family Traditions:  Don’t Forget the Books

A Few of Our Favorite Things: Kids Books 2009

Celebrating Spoken Soul in Picture Books

New Poetry Book Review!  The Tighty Whitey Spider

August 21st is Poet’s Day

A Taste of Home

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  1. Erin says:

    I love this list! I was looking for books to give to my sisters, and these are perfect.

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