Books and Self-Care: Reduce Stress and Lose Yourself in a Good Book

This month–and beyond–we are focusing on taking care of ourselves and reducing stress levels.  The good news is that reading, in particular losing yourself in a book that takes you into the story world, is proving to be a sensible, as well as delightful, strategy.  Good stories can ease muscle tension and lower heart rates in as little as six minutes ! In fact, reading can reduce stress up to 68%, having a greater effect than going for a walk or listening to music.

There are so many books that create an “other-worlds” experience. Book lists can be a great starting place.  Here are some suggestions for captivating stories at different age levels to get you started:

Nursery and Pre-School 

Early Readers


Early Adolescents

Young Adults

You can also check out our book lists in different genres and most recent releases through reading our recommendations for Readers by Age. 

You also might look at books on different topics for the whole family to share: Book Flights and Pairings:  Something for Everyone.

Next week, we’ll have some other recommendations for finding books to lose yourself in.  Keep yourself safe, and make sure to find some time to relax and read. . .


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