Who Are You?

Who are we to be starting a website on Children’s Literature?  Well, we’ll tell you:

Ruth Shagoury (formerly Ruth Shagoury Hubbard)

Ruth teaches new and veteran teachers at Lewis & Clark College (Portland, OR), where she is the Mary Stuart Rogers Professor of Education and coordinates the Language & Literacy program.   She has written numerous books and articles, most recently Home is Where the Books Are  (with Meghan Rose, 2013 Choice Literacy) ; Raising Writers:  Understanding and Nurturing Young Children’s Writing Development (2009 Allyn & Bacon) and Starting with Comprehension:  Reading Strategies for the Youngest Learners (with Andie Cunningham, 2005 Stenhouse).  She is a regular contributor to www.choiceliteracy.com.

Her passion for working with children keeps her connected to classrooms on a regular basis– she can’t imagine anything more fascinating than exploring the minds of children and adolescents as they grow as writers, readers, and language users.

Meghan Rose

Meghan has worked in the internet industry for the last ten years, specializing in start-ups (like Rent.com and eToys) where 16-hour work days are the norm.  When her twins were born in 2007, she began consulting part time and being a Mom full time.  Always an avid/ferocious reader and writer, she finds it is a constant joy to bring her love of literature to her children, and watch as they develop their own reading and writing passions. The twins help keep her current as they find new books at libraries, book stores, and friends’ bookshelves. As someone used to a fast- paced business environment, Meghan is experiencing a new and wonderful pace- taking the time to sit back and watch and learn, while at the same time trying to teach and guide.



Hopefully, you are getting engaged and leaving your thoughts, tips, comments and recommendations.  We want to build a community of and for people who love literature and love kids.  Send us your own lists and blog entries and we’ll post them (and credit you, of course!).  Tell us what you love (and what you don’t) and how we can make this a useful, fun, helpful and interactive place.

Learn more about our philosophy regarding reading and learning to read.

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  1. Diana Corbitt Children's Author says:

    I also sent you an email request. Hope posting my Ghosters video promo isn’t too much for you. Just trying to get noticed. A grain of sand in the desert.

    Author, Diana Corbitt

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