Point Blank (Alex Rider Adventure) Book 1 by Anthony Horowitz

Recently, we escaped the rain and cold of Portland for a visit with the twins in LA.  Ah, the warm sunshine!  And even better, the chance to talk books and learn young teen tips and advice.  We are now much better educated, for example, about K-Pop.  In preparation for the trip, we purchased some books we read and left there for them to read when they are caught up on the other series they are immersed in.  (“No hurry!” we insisted.) Because Jim and I are both loving all of Anthony Horowitz’s books (and TV scripts–check it out!), we decided to try his YA series about a teen spy.

So, we are confident in recommending the series for young teens and older teens as well (and maybe even adults).  Alex Rider is British and an orphan, and helps his uncle at times, an operative (well, spy) for MI-6.  The British version of the CIA don’t hesitate to draw him into dangerous and difficult cases, as this first in the series adventure attests.  Some mysterious deaths are connected with a prep school for super-rich ands troubled kids and MI-6 decides to send Alex undercover to find out what is going on.  It’s a little bit Stepford Wives, as the formerly rebellious kids become docile and obedient overnight.  And there is something eerily familiar about each kid. . .Luckily, Alex is able to discover what is behind these miracle transformations, but he needs to be ingenious, brave, and even rely on his fencing skills to get himself out of a jam.  I’m definitely hooked and ready to dig into more of the series.  Give it a try!

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