COUNTING BUGS AND BUTTERFLIES: INSECT ART by Christopher Marley and Zoe Burke: Wonderful New Board Book

COUNTING BUGS AND BUTTERFLIES by Christopher Marley and Zoe Burke

What to do on a dreary, rainy, raw January day in Portland, Oregon?  Head to an exhibit.  We love museums–science, art, whatever–and a trip to OMSI (Oregon Museum or Science and Industry) was just the right field trip to fire up our senses.  If you get the chance to view Christopher Marley’s Exquisite Creatures:  A Dialogue with Nature, Art, and Science, don’t pass it up.  It is a companion exhibit to Marley’s New York Times bestseller Biophelia  (literally, “love of living things”). The exhibit and the book are a thrilling and awe-inspiring tribute to the wonders of science and nature, relationships and patterns.

But what I (mostly) want to share with you in this post is the delightful board book to entice the youngest readers and their families into biophelia.  The construction is sturdy, as it needs to be; I imagine babies and toddlers immersed in the incredible images of bugs that look like jewels, butterfly wings that shimmer and glow, and an accessible rhyming text that helps readers and their parents interact with the words and images and count aspects of each page.  A delightful introduction to Marley’s work.  Enjoy!

And, to further entice you into Christopher Marley’s world: two samples from the exhibit, all created from bugs and butterflies (and other subjects) in an environmentally sensitive manner.  Marley has a worldwide network of people and institutions (such as aquariums) that help him honor these “exquisite creatures.” Read more about it in Biophelia.

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