The Queen of Nothing by Holly Black

Though I often delight in long-running series, I also find satisfaction in trilogies:  series with enough time to develop characters who grow and change as well as the depth that comes with more than a stand-alone.  Perhaps best of all for me is when the conclusion draws together the different plot points and holds some surprises as well as resolution, and a glimpse into the future of characters we have come to care about.  Holly Black’s The Folk of the Air Trilogy is just my cup of tea, it turns out.

We return to the drama of Jude’s life.  She is now an exiled mortal Queen of the Faerie–though no one around her knows.  Thus, she becomes the “Queen of Nothing.”  But Jude must return to the Faerie Court to try to rescue  her twin sister-and things are definitely changing as Elfame slips further and further into conflict.  But it is not just political treachery Jude must deal with.  She has yet to resolve her feelings for Cardan, especially in the wake of what she believes to be his betrayal.  But is it?

If you are like me, you will also delight in the character growth for Taryn and even Vivi.  Give it a read:  I think you’ll find the ending both surprising and satisfying.  What more could you ask of a trilogy?

And if this is a new YA series for you, you might want to read our review of The Cruel Prince, Book 1.


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