The Burning Queen, Tangled in Time, Book 2 by Kathryn Lasky

If you love the twin genres of historical fiction and time travel, then you are already fans of Kathryn Lasky’s newest series, Tangled in Time.  As you can see from our recent blog post, we were captivated and eager to read book 2.  Lucky for us, the wait wasn’t long and we already have the next installment.  Sometimes sequels disappoint; in this case, I found Book 2 possibly even better.  The characters we met have had time to develop in this new story. We again encounter Rose’s father, master spy and goldsmith to the court of Queen Mary.  His fears for his daughter in those dangerous times causes him to urge her to flee back to her home in the 21st century.  There, we come to new understandings of Rose’s grandmother and the growing depth of their connection to each other.  And there is a compelling plot development when Rose befriends an immigrant girl on her own.  Rose not only has to protect her from the “mean girls” in middle school, but also from the threat of US Customs and Immigration Enforcement.  The parallels to her decision to help save her friend Franny from the horrors of Queen Mary’s rule are woven into the plot lines in both time periods.  The only problem with this book?  Now we have to wait for Book 3!  Highly recommended.

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