Tangled in Time:  Book I:  The Portal by Kathryn Lasky

A trip to Powell’s Bookstore gave me the chance to roam the YA and Children’s Literature sections, and let my whims guide me as I chose new books to read.  I was drawn to a new book by a favorite author of mine, Kathryn Lasky, that is a mix of two genres I adore:  time travel and historical fiction.  Here’s the basic premise:  Rose is being raised by her single Mom, Rosemary, when tragedy strikes,  Her mother is killed in a car accident and Rose is sent to live with her somewhat peculiar grandmother, with a new school, a new home, new friends, and sadly, new enemies in the form of three mean girls who choose her as a new target for bullying.  Despite Gran’s memory issues and sometimes dementia, Rose is able to develop a bond with her especially when they work together in the greenhouse.  When she investigates a strange glow there one night, she is transported back to Hatfield Palace and the Court of Henry VIII.  In Rose’s adventures 500 years ago, she learns more about her mother and her own past and finds parallels between the mean bullying girls in her 21st-century world, and the mean court girls, including Princess Elizabeth and Princess Mary.  These are just the bare bones of the story, though.  Other details include the blogging life of Rose, who designs her own clothes and writes about it.  The ideas she brings back from the 16th century are an intriguing element of the book.  Of course, there is also a mystery which takes the form of a rose locket found at court with a photo of Rose and her mother decked out in 21st century clothes!  I spent a full day immersing myself in the book–only to discover there is a sequel!  Thank heavens it is coming out this fall, so I don’t have to wait too long to learn what happens next. I’ll keep you posted.

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