The Hunt for the Mad Wolf’s Daughter by Diane Magras

Last week, I reviewed The Mad Wolf’s Daughter–with enthusiasm, you’ll recall.  I should have waited until I read the companion novel so I could share my recommendation for both books at the same time.  The second novel picks up right where the first left off:  Our heroine Dress has saved her father and brothers’ war-band, as well as the young Lord Emerick, who is being hunted by his evil uncle (who wants him dead).  Drest continue to grow as a character, as do her friends Emerick and Dig, not to mention Drest’s family members.  We also learn interesting information about Drest’s background (hint:  her mother is still alive!)Emerick is still healing, which considerably hampers their efforts to retake the castle, and at times, even to survive.  The adventure is fast-paced and exciting: Drest narrowly escapes capture by a knight who wants the 30 pounds placed upon her “wolf’s head,” which she later learns means that anyone who sees her has permission to kill her for the reward.  Will Drest and the war-band be able to survive to put the rightful Lord Faintree at the head of his castle?  Read on! A perfect quest tale for middle graders.

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